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  • How long is the turnaround time?
    Approximately 9 – 12 weeks depending on how many other orders I am working on and also how many items are in your order. I give my utmost attention and care to every art piece that I create and therefore I am not able to give any firm dates for completion. Your patience is very much appreciated!
  • Which botanicals are best for preservation?
    Generally, all botanicals preserve very well. A few exceptions are lilies and orchids. They tend to dry paper thin and sometimes will show transparent spots once resin gets poured. This is due to bruising and handling and unfortunately it is not apparent until the resin is poured. Very fleshy botanicals such as succulents cannot be preserved. Sunflowers, Daisies, Chrysanthemums and Dahlias can be tricky as the petals tend to fall off in the drying process, sometimes they can be salvageable.
  • Will the colors of my flowers look exactly the same in the preservation?
    For the most part, your colors will be fairly similar to your fresh bouquet. Blue and lilac flowers keep their color very well. White roses tend to turn a creamy buff or light yellow color. Red, orange and purple roses and all dahlias will darken as they dry. Pink roses can loose their vibrancy and appear slightly lavendar. Calla lilies turn a bright yellow once they are dry. Hydrangeas, ranunculus and lisianthus will retain their color.
  • Why are there transparent spots on my flowers?
    Transparent or translucent spots are most evident on orchids, lilies, and roses. These botanicals in particular can dry very thin and the spots are caused by handling, bruising or damage to the delicate petals before the bouquet arrives to be preserved. This damage is not evident until the resin is poured and then the spots become visible. The spots in no way detract from the overall beauty of your preserved floral keepsake!
  • Can you preserve my air-dried bouquet?
    Yes, I have preserved many previously dried bouquets. Some as old as 10 years! Air-dried flowers have a lovely vintage appearance and pleasing soft muted colors.
  • I would have loved to preserve my wedding flowers. Can you preserve a re-creation of my bouquet?
    Yes, you can order a few of the same botanicals that were in your bouquet from your florist and I will dry and preserve them in resin. Complete information is available once your deposit is confirmed.
  • Do you accept orders from all parts of the United States?
    Yes, I preserve bouquets USA-wide. Complete packing and shipping instructions are available once your deposit and date are confirmed.
  • Why is it important that I bring my bouquet or ship overnight as soon after the wedding as possible?
    In order for me to create the most beautiful keepsake for you, it is important that I preserve the freshest flowers possible. Flowers that have deteriorated and discolored are very difficult to dry and preserve. They tend to fall apart in the drying process leaving me with very few choices for the design. If there is a lot of trimming to remove the discolored parts, the flower can start to look misshapen. As well, roses in particular, when they are spent, start to rot in their inner core, sometimes unnoticeable to me as I can’t look inside the rose. This can result in dark or even black centers in the rose once it is in the resin.
  • Will resin amber over time?
    Yes, all resin will amber or yellow over time. This is because UV light and heat is resin’s enemy. It breaks down the chemical molecules in cured resin and causes the resin to yellow. So always keep your resin art out of direct sunlight and away from heat. Even fluorescent lights can have an effect on resin’s ability to resist yellowing. However, ambering in no way hurts the botanicals or detracts from the overall beauty of your preserved floral keepsake!
  • Why are there little bubbles in my resin?
    Botanicals will give off air bubbles when they are in the resin, especially any flowers with deep petals such as roses (red roses in particular), dahlias and statice. I take the utmost care in creating your beautiful preservation, however, Resin Memories is original, handmade art combining resin and very fragile and delicate botanical ingredients and some small bubbles, flaws and imperfections are unavoidable. Bubbles in no way detract from the overall beauty of your preserved floral keepsake!
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